Web Series,created by Alec Silberblatt

Episode 3 of Bakery: a Web Series

The Regular

Short, directed by Alec Silberblatt


Clip from Bakery: a web series

Film Experience

‚ÄčAlec Silberblatt     Actor, Writer                SAG-AFTRA, AEA    

Clip from The Deal that Dan Made

The Deal that dan made

Short,directed by Moira O'Sullivan

Starting Somewhere

Short,directed by Andrew Spohn

Dog out window

Short,directed by Bryan Chang

Making Movies

I've produced several short films and two web series.

I don't wait for work, I make it for myself. I love writing roles that I want to play and roles for my friends and fellow collaborators.  

I've worked all sorts of ways.  

BAKERY was an almost completely improvised series.  We made nine episodes. Each had a script, and then we'd improvise the episode in the bakery for four hours. I'd go home and cut what we had together. Sometimes it worked really well.

THE DEAL THAT DAN MADE was shot in one day on my iPhone.  We stuck to the script and the shot list.  There was no time to waste.

DOG OUT WINDOW was a three day shoot with a full crew. We worked around the clock to make that film. It premiered April 2018 at Independent Film Festival Boston.