"George Street’s cast is terrific.  Liam (Alec Silberblatt) and his rage is a sight to behold," -Gary Wein of New Jersey Stage on Bad Jews

"Silberblatt is side-splitting funny as he twitches and twists his body in time with his verbal assaults on his cousin," -Charles Paolino of Asbury Park Press on Bad Jews

"But mostly, I think, I was riveted because of the extraordinary performances of Sarah Silk and Alec Silberblatt.  My hat is lifted to some brilliant, brilliant work," -Ted Hoover of Pittsburgh City Paper on Lungs

"Silberblatt and Silk are superb beyond description as the man and woman. These may, in fact, be two of the finest performances I’ve seen in Pittsburgh this year," -Wendy Arons of The Pittsburgh Tatler on Lungs.

"Alec Silberblatt, brilliantly cast against type as the bawdy Mercurio... His delivery of the Queen Mab speech is a highlight of the show." - Stuart Sheppard, Pittsburgh City Paper.

"I’d go again just to see the two actors work," -Christopher Rawson of The Pittsburgh Post Gazette on Lungs

"Silberblatt's marvelous performance gains in energy as he rises to meet Daphna at her histrionic level. Harmon has gifted Liam with a virtuosic monologue that Silberblatt delivers with the commitment and clarity of a soloist performing a difficult sonata," -Cameron Kelsall of Talking Broadway on Bad Jews

"Special note must be taken of Mr. Silberblatt's beautifully nuanced performance as Jason," -Sylvane Gold of The New York Times on Rabbit Hole






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