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"Silberblatt's marvelous performance gains in energy as he rises to meet Daphna at her histrionic level. Harmon has gifted Liam with a virtuosic monologue that Silberblatt delivers with the commitment and clarity of a soloist performing a difficult sonata." -Cameron Kelsall of Talking Broadway on Bad Jews

"Alec Silberblatt, brilliantly cast against type as the bawdy Mercutio... His delivery of the Queen Mab speech is a highlight of the show." - Stuart Sheppard, Pittsburgh City Paper on Romeo and Juliet

"Special note must be taken of Mr. Silberblatt's beautifully nuanced performance as Jason" -Sylvane Gold of The New York Times on Rabbit Hole

"But mostly, I think, I was riveted because of the extraordinary performances of Sarah Silk and Alec Silberblatt.  My hat is lifted to some brilliant, brilliant work." -Ted Hoover of Pittsburgh City Paper on Lungs

"Cuenca and Silberblatt give a seamless joint performance, precisely as required." -Ted Hoover of Pittsburgh Current on World Builders